I'm actually pretty close to being able to do this to my nails. They're pointed already, and I'm working on growing them out. I'm not at all sure how to do the black-to-blood-red gradient, though.

Vampire nails to go with my Halloween costume !

Over the past few years, intricate and elaborate nail art has gotten more popular than ever. Some people do it for beauty and others do it to celebrate their interests and hobbies. Here are 13 examples of nail art that we feel brings the medium to the next level.

13 Examples of Insane Nail Art

Vampire fang nails for halloween!


25 Matte Nail Designs You’ll Want to Copy this Fall for more findings pls visit…

Blood Drip Nails Are Going To Be All The Rage With Vampires

Forget chrome, vampire fang nails are the latest trend we're obsessed with - CosmopolitanUK

dripping nail polish technique

19 Amazing DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

From glow-in-the-dark ghosts to classic candy corns, these Halloween nails will give you the chills

If i ever see someone with these nails i am running the other way. No no. No vampire impaling for me today

If i ever see someone with these nails i am running the other way. No vampire impaling for me today

Creepy Cool Nail Art Inspiration Source Instagram @nailsbyly

Halloween Nail Art by Ly

Vampire nails                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Bilderesultat for vampire nails

Black base, red flakes, matte top coat. Love!

Black matte red sparkles - I'm not really into black nails but I really like these.

You sure love your nails, you're always looking for new and unique styles, but sometimes you don't have enough time or lacking the right tools to apply some styles. What if there's an easier way to apply them? Here we brought you 20 styles that can be done easily and don't require much time.

20 Gorgeous Nail Art Tutorials You Need To Try

Halloween is almost here, hooray! So we’ve decided to get in the spooky spirit with a vamp-y matte mani in this week’s Black and Red Ombre Nail Tutorial! By carefully blending OPI’s Cinnamon Sweet and

Nails for tonight's True Blood finale so sad that this show is ending, but I can't wait to see how they wrap things up. The pointer and pinkie designs were inspired by @beautopianails❤️ and there will be a tutorial posted closer to Halloween, so keep an eye out for it!  Sagine☀️

Fun Halloween nail design, or for a Rocky Horror party

Undecided if this is ombre technique or a mood polish...either way...sure want to get this effect! Love the colors together!

Ombre stiletto nails: When trends collide.

Don't forget about your nails this Halloween! Check out some spooky nail tutorials on the blog | Living TRUE

Getting Spooky

You could recreate all of the art or just a single design. Just bear in mind that you ought to be comfortable with the nail art you select for Halloween. Halloween nail art is known among women.

I got my vampire nails.

Dark red stiletto nails ----> similar to what I have right now with "Sugar Plum" by SensatioNail

psycho path : Фото

psycho path : Фото

Brown, black and cream nails

What a Vampire’s Nails Really Look Like

What a Vampire’s Nails Really Look Like

What a Vampire’s Nails Really Look Like Don't forget the ghoulish nails.