I said this today! A nut ball snacky thing at costco had butter. WHY!?

(The meat industry IS the dairy industry…) Reading ingredient lists is eye-opening!

lol! oOOoh, I can relate to this one! #MyVeganJournal

"I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabby Yo homes smell ya later! I looked at my kingdom I was finally there to sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air"

I'm feeling fabulous, happy & healthier than shit (how I felt when I ate dairy & meat...shit) being vegan is the ultimate way to live

animal fats clog up your arteries .reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, gout, obesity, joint pain . by eating a plantbased diet

carnist hypocrisy

carnist hypocrisy

HAHAHAHAHA!! Seriously. It really doesn't affect you. Leave me alone! Let me treat my body well and you can damage yours and we can just all shut up about it!

23 Photos That Are Way, Way Too Real For Vegetarians

This Friday the Ali Ryland tackles 13 myths about veganism, demonstrating that some commonly held beliefs are mere superstition.

and it effects your overall physical & mental health...

and it effects your overall physical & mental health. It's not liquid, its serum. Specifically, to pass on immunities to the calf.

"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see." ~Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

I'm sure there have been plenty of vegans out there who have gone a whole day eating only "vegan" foods without realizing it and have survived. Vegan food is EVERYONE food.

Seems gross, looks gross, smells gross, yet I keep my mouth shut at the dinner table

Seems gross, looks gross, smells gross, yet I keep my mouth shut at the dinner table

Those people are not open for the trueth, because the trueth would tell them to change and they can't handle the guilt of the damage they've done... So they keep doing things to feel guilty about. Pure. Ignorence.

Trying to explain to people that meat and dairy are killing us and the planet (and animals by the way) / vegan meme / vegan humor / vegan lifestyle

I don't always mention I don't eat meat or dairy.  But, when I do, everyone becomes an expert on protein. Food Humor. #vegan

You might be food obsessed if... Hilarious food memes to lighten your day

SelflessRebel.com - Vegan Apparel & accessories True!!! I remember having a very in depth conversation with my sister about veganism when I was still vegetarian... I said I would never become vegan, because it is 'too extreme' :,D that was before I knew what happened to the animals in the dairy/egg/honey industry

that was before I stopped ignoring what happens to the animals in the dairy/egg/honey/meat/fur industry