Perfect Vegan Sugar Cookies

Easy cut-out cookies that are the best for any occasion. The holidays, Christmas, Valentines, or anytime you might want to decorate a cookie! Fun activity for kids.

Vegan Sugar Cookies that Won't Spread

This recipe for vegan sugar cookies that hold their shape is so amazing. Yummy, soft cookies that don't spread. NOTE: change bean juice to milk substitute

1 Bowl Vegan Sugar Cookies

This may be the perfect 1 Bowl Vegan Sugar Cookie recipe! Cut out or scoop the dough into circles, then top with delicious Cake Mate® icing and sprinkles. Easy, tasty, it's a great holiday dessert idea.

Chewy Sugar Cookies [Vegan]

Chewy Vegan Sugar Cookies: 2 ¼ cups all-purpose flour½ tsp baking tsp baking powder½ tsp ½ cups white sugar¼ cup plain soy yogurt (or vegan sour Tbsp Tbsp vegan butter (or margarine), cup vegetable Tbsp non-dairy tsp vanilla extractsprinkles (optional)

The Best (Vegan) Sugar Cookies — Ever!

These absolutely are the best vegan sugar cookies. Simple, cheap and taste awesome! These aren't gooey in the middle but still great :)

The Best (Vegan) Sugar Cookies — Ever!

The Best (Vegan) Sugar Cookies Ever!the goal here was to make a knock-out sugar cookie not a its-good-for-a-vegan-cookie cookie.

Vegan Sugar Cookies

Vegan Sugar Cookies Recipe from Betty Crocker- These are the best cookies ever! Instead of almond extract I used Anise like my mother in law's Christmas cookie recipe.

Non hydrogenated shortening, powdered sugar. Gluten Free Sugar Cookies Recipe w/ egg free Royal Icing (Vegan dairy free egg free)- Easy roll out sugar cookies!

Vegan Sugar Cookies

Take The last best vegan sugar cookies were not the best.Yummy Mummy Kitchen: The Best Sugar Cookies {shhhh, they're vegan} These were awesome! they will be perfect at Christmas!

Vegan Sugar Cookies

Vegan Sugar Cookies- these vegan cookies come together in just one bowl and are perfect for birthday and holiday baking that everyone will love!

Gluten free vegan sugar cookies

Sarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats: gluten free vegan sugar cookies Replace flour blend with robin hood gluten free flour + teaspoon of xanthan gum; replace coconut milk with soya milk

Gluten free vegan soft frosted sugar cookies