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Road trip car pillow

DIY Adult Seat Belt Travel Pillow Tutorial (by Pineapple Mama) | Easy instructions for car seatbelt pillow
DIY Seatbelt Pillow.  Good for kids and adults to get a rest on a long road trip.

Road trip car pillow

Cuddly Seatbelt Pillow | Sew4Home
DIY Seat Belt Pillow Tutorial for Car Seats - DIY Projects for Making Money - Big DIY Ideas

DIY Seat Belt Pillow Tutorial for Car Seats -

At last, something soft, quick and easy to sew. For kids and adults alike to get some good rest during a road trip. Like the pocket to hold an ipod, tissues, drink even...

Road trip car pillow

Carseat pillow for road trips. This one's better for kids who are still in a seat with a 5-point harness and not yet ready for a booster seat using the car's seatbelt. Might have to make this one before we head to BC!


THIS HAS FREE INSTRUCTIONS!!! Seat Belt Pillow Tutorial