How to Make Arepas | This classic Venezuelan sandwich is made from instant corn flour and makes a yummy gluten-free and vegan alternative to bread!

How to Make Arepas

Chicha: Easy recipe for Venezuelan chicha. A lot of blogs have recipes for fermented drinks called chicha from other Latin countries, but this is entirely different. It's not fermented. It is similar to Mexican horchata, but thicker and mas rico! A delicious treat for a hot summer's day.
Fáciles y deliciosos tequeños. Pasapalos tradicionales en cualquier fiesta o reunión

Tequeños (Venezuelan Cheese Sticks)

Mission: Food: Venezuelan Black Bean and Cheese “Domino” Empanadas
Venezuelan Shredded Beef - Mommyhood's Diary - Uses 1 flank steak (about 2 lb)

Venezuelan Shredded Beef

guasacaca (guacamole salsa)  1 onion, cut into eighths  1 avocado  2-3 T white or rice wine vinegar (more if necessary)  2-3 cloves garlic  1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and cored  2 c parsley  2 c cilantro  salt to taste  3 T vegetable oil    Place onion, avocado, vinegar, garlic, jalapeño in blender/food processor. Purée until smooth. Add parsley & cilantro and purée smooth. add salt   & oil
Arepas with Chicken and Avocado: Venezuelan corn meal cakes filled with delicious chicken and avocado salad. #GlutenFree


Venezuelan Asado Negro+ Slow Cooker Giveaway - Mommyhood's Diary

Venezuelan Asado Negro

Shredded beef is one of those dishes I usually make for very special occasions because, honestly, shredding or ‘pulling’ the  …  Continue reading →

Carne Mechada (Venezuelan Shredded Beef)

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