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sometimes the only option you have is to speak what you believe no matter the consequences


Reasons to Keep Following Your Dreams

"Hold up your head!... You were made for victory." — Anne Gilchrist


Egbert Jansz. | Allegorie met Justitia, Pax en Charitas, Egbert Jansz., Johann Theodor en Johann Israel de Bry, 1588 - 1608 | De Gerechtigheid (Justitia) en de Vrede (Pax), zitten op een troon met hun voeten rustend op een liggende, naakte man. Boven hen de Overwinning (Victoria) die hen wil bekronen. Op de voorgrond rechts Mars, zittend met zijn armen op zijn rug gebonden. Links op de voorgrond de Liefdadigheid (Charitas), een kind zogend. Naast haar een kind, spelend met een helm. Op de…

Fear can also be a product of what someone else makes you feel. Stay aware~where there is any potential for harm (spiritual, emotional, verbal, mental, financial, physical) see that as dangerous and BE AFRAID TO STAY, instead of being afraid to leave.


"You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know." - William WIlberforce

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It's not to say those people don't matter, but they shouldn't have control of your mind& emotions.


Don't mistake my silence for ignorance, calmness for acceptance /or/ kindness for weakness.

Many people can't handle the truth. And when they hear it, they attack you by deflecting their crazy problems on you. It takes courage to speak the truth, especially when the consequences are not favorable. But speak the truth'll find it's absolutely liberating.


I am happy to be single because I can be bold. I am not afraid to speak my mind, and I don't want to hide my truth. I am a intelligent and capable woman, and I hide my truth from my friends, family and even myself. If I spoke up more, maybe I wouldn't have to be a slave to "what if" anymore. The unforeseen does not exist