"Midsummer Night's Bonnet- Miss Austen would revel in this milliner's delicacy, created from a lovely mix of lace and vintage-inspired blooms, embroidered chiffon and weave. Arrives in keepsake hatbox.

romantic dresses for all alternative brides in Spring 2014 season

Gorgeous Vintage Style Titanic Dress from Vintage inspired designer Inga Nataya.Nataya is Known for her wildly romantic vintage style dresses and vintage inspired wedding gowns worn by Anne Hathaway and Katie Holmes to name a few.

Steampunk Costume Essentials for Women

A bit over the top, but I like the idea of a Mad Hatter-style hat :D >>> Louise Green Madame Hatter

JEZEBEL LEGGINGS - Burlesque Leggings, Faux Garter Leggings Faux garters and lace stockings are simplified in soft leggings with the intrigue of what was hidden beneath the petticoats!