Art Nouveau Tulip Garden wallpaper ~ 1890–1910. It's wallpaper, but those would be gorgeous tiles!

Art Nouveau Tulip Garden wallpaper, Late Victorian/Early Arts and Crafts. Not William Morris, but close!

Canterbury- Aesthetic Interiors - Late Victorian collection - 1890-1910

Aesthetic Interiors provides historic wallpapers, victorial crafts and much more for the do-it-yourselfer home restorer to the professional interior designer.

Tall rooms deserve the full tripartite wall treatment with ceiling embellishment.

All About Wallpaper Friezes

All About Wallpaper Friezes - Old-House Online LOVE these papers with the dark, elegant woodwork! Too bad my house has such low ceilings, or I'd definitely do this.

25 Accent Wall Ideas You’ll Surely Wish to Try This at Home!  Find best modern accent wallpaper in the site. I love it. :)  #Accent #AccentWall #Wallpaper #HomeDecorIdeas #Interior #InteriorDesign

25+ Accent Wall Ideas You’ll Surely Wish to Try This at Home!

A Timeless Affair: 15 Exquisite Victorian Style Powder Rooms                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A Timeless Affair: 15 Exquisite Victorian-Style Powder Rooms

Rich Cole and Son's Malabar Wallpaper steals the show in this dashing powder room [Design: Jennifer Bevan Interiors]

Bats and venus flytraps from in "Elysian Fields: Cobalt" designed by Dan Funderburgh

Bats & Venus Flytrap Wallpaper:: "Elysian Fields - Cobalt" designed by Dan Funderburgh.