Stunning. Picture: Caters News Agency You are just over the ocean now and I am wishing I was with you.

Lightning Meets Lava in These Incredible Images by Nature Photographer Hernando Rivera

Blauer Vulkan in Kawah Ijen - Indonesien. Den passenden Koffer für eure Reise findet ihr bei uns:

Blue volcano / Kawah Ijen - Indonesia

Blue volcano / Kawah Ijen - Indonesia - due to combustion of sulfuric gases at extremely high temperatures

Eruption – Ararat Turkey.

Eruption – Ararat Turkey

"Amazing photo of Mount Ararat, Turkey". except, Mount Ararat has been dormant for at least years Millenium, B. This is a photo manipulation by Sako Tchilingirian. The ash cloud is from a Chilean volcano.

Volcano eruption. .                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Matthew Albanese: Strange Worlds. "Volcano, "Breaking Point", made out of tile grout, cotton, phosphorous ink. this model volcano was illuminated from within by watt light bulbs.

Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano covered in lava during an episode of intense eruption activity. Perfect for any Volcanologist! Fully licensed. Ship

Mauna Loa Volcano Lava Eruption Poster 24x36

A great poster for any Volcanologist - Hawaii's Mauna Loa Volcano covered in lava during an eruption. Need Poster Moun