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purple water lily tattoo - I want something like this (Jared's Birth Flower) to go along with my *theme* for my tattoos for family. Only maybe in a henna style

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flower tattoo Flower of Love flower tattoo Flower Design flower tattoo Full body tattoo flower tattoo Blue Water Lily flower tattoo Lotus an.

Lotus. Like how it's coming up from the water and lily pad. (Getting through water: hard time in life)

As the mud gets thicker the lotus roots grow stronger. Would love to have a lotus tattoo, ultimate symbol of strength

tattoo idea- outline of water lily with an outline of a hummingbird hovering over it. Use abstract watercolors; light yellow and pale pink for the lily, emerald and blue for the hummingbird.

Lotus flower plain and colored - like this design essential-lotus-tattoo. Want this with the coloring more like water colors not as saturated