New Scented Wax Melts from Target and Paula Deen Scented Wax Melts found at Walmart!

Look Who's Got Scented Wax Melts Now!

Cute and cozy - this Fall/Holiday favorite is sure to be a hot gift this holiday season. Shop the Fireplace ScentGlow® Warmer at
The cutest little elephant wax warmer we ever did see. Perfect for the bathroom and beyond.

Better Homes and Gardens Full Size Wax Warmer Elephant

9 Creative And Cheap Ways To Make Your Home Smell Heavenly. I love these DIY scent ideas and it's awesome how most of them are chemical free! Definitely going to give some of these a try next time my clean my house. Thanks!

9 Creative And Cheap Ways To Make Your Home Smell Heavenly

Melt Downy Unstoppables in your wax warmer for a fresh smelling house! Just did this. My house SMELLS amazing !!!
Baby, it's hot outside. Learn how to make a wax melt warmer using just two items - and to put in your CAR! How cool is that?!

How to Make a Wax Melt Warmer For Your Car

Place a piece of ribbon in your melted scentsy wax and let it cool. After wax is cool and hardened, pull the wax out of your warmer with ease!
I love the smell of coffee, so I was excited to try the post I've seen where you put coffee beans, in a glass jar, with a vanilla candle. Well, you can imagine my disappointment when all I ended up with was burnt coffee beans.. Lovely. So, I decided to try putting the coffee beans in my wax warmer! I mixed them with the better homes and gardens, Vanilla Caramel Spice scented wax, from Walmart. It works so much better! No burnt beans, and a much stronger scent!
ScentSationals Edison Nautical Wax Warmer

ScentSationals Edison Nautical Wax Warmer