The incredibly beautiful Nordic design with a focus on simplicity makes this wedding special.

Celebrating Her Love Of Botany With A Green Wedding At Old Mac Daddy

Varying glass cylinders filled with floating candles and submerged flowers /

20 Impossibly Romantic Floating Wedding Centerpieces

Are you a bride on a budget? Join the club! The Dollar Tree wedding section is AWESOME. Here is what you should buy (and a creative wedding ideas, too!).

The Best Dollar Tree Wedding Products (And How to use them!)

Bride on a budget ideas. List of Dollar Tree items. Here is what you should buy (and creative wedding ideas to make and do with the items as well).

Elegant floral arrangements for the altar

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done on wood blocks? kissing ball with flattened bottom on glass vase (dollar tree) with led candle inside

DIY painted pumpkin wedding vases ideas for Halloween weddings /

100 DIY Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

20 Truly Stunning Tall Wedding Centrepieces

20 Truly Stunning Tall Wedding Centrepieces

Tall White Flower Centrepieces Classic Wedding at Botleys Mansion Surrey Mint Gold Colour Scheme Minted Stationery Faye Cornhill Photography www.

Gold Sequin Wedding Vases That Shimmer~ Close-up ~ we ♥ this!

Gold Sequin Wedding Vases That Shimmer

closeup example of gold glitter and crystal bead filler inside the tall vases. we will use more of a crystal effect and can use rose gold sequins inside as well or in place of the gold glitter

DIY Wedding Vases -- Buy the entire set is $60!

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