Beautiful white-ink feather tattoo on wrist

Beautiful white-ink feather tattoo on wrist (*feather for Drake, I like the subtlety of the white)

White feather tattoo on collar bone. I think this looks absolutely gorgeous, but apparently many tattoo artist advise against all white tattoos...

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My first white feather tattoo. Did it myself on own arm

As some of the most popular, eye-catching and deeply meaningful tattoo designs feather tattoos fascinate and inspire by their beauty and hidden symbolism.

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a DOWNY Feather Tattoo. that's special and so realistic. I wonder if it were done in white ink. would it look as realistic as this?

White ink feather. Not here, though. Ankle?

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white feather tattoo behind the ear maybe adding a bit of blue, turquoise and purple ? maybe even a touch of pink:

White feather tattoo I by on @deviantART

"Breathe" This is a design commissioned to me by a friend. She wanted a feather tatttoo, something light and airy. After countless sketchings and and lo. White feather tattoo I

I love the very wispy, downy look to these. I love how realistic they look too. I'd like something like these very much.

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Light feather tattoo - I like the "lightness" of it - but I don't want a tattoo

Arm lion picture, photo design idea for Men and Women.

My first tattoo done by Mac at Hero Tattoo in Conway, SC, US. That whole shop is amazing. I’ve always loved feathers and it relates to my Native American heritage.

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