simple cute tattoo for the feet

I love the simplicity of the heels and the tattoo. I think tattoos add something unique to each person, even if it is something as simple as a heart. The heel and foot tattoo combination is cute and I love it.

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Rose Flower Tattoo On Foot-I adore these roses. I want this style on my hip, 4 blooming roses and 2 buds. fashion a47130 tiny-foot-tattoo-inspiration ?zoomable

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Stunning Tattoo Ideas For Women #2

white foot tattoo (hmm I like this, simple stated and all, maybe persevere written right under it also in white) LOVE THIS actually.

White foot tattoo -- I really do love the white ink on my wrist. However, still not sure about whether to do white or black on the foot, especially since the tat will be (mostly) script.

Zodiac star constellation for wrist tattoo.... Pisces is an infinity. Gonna get that on my middle finger probably haha or even on the side of my thumb?

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Zodiac star constellation for wrist tattoo. -I liked every other zodiac constellation except mine. lol cute idea though.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the placement.

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Exact tattoo...color & all...on my foot from 6 years ago!! ~small world~

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