Wine Rack Flask Bra- Yes, this does exist. I'm thinking: Whiskey Tits.

Wine Rack Flask-Bra

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The WineRack Flask holds a full bottle of wine in your bra. Perfect for the girl on the go...

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Lingerie Booze Holders - Papa Bert WineRack Flask-Bra Makes You Look Bigger and Drink Better

Wine Bra -- 'Juicing' just took on a whole new meaning.

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This Sports Bra holds up to oz.) of your favorite beverage! Wear it to the movies, concerts, ball games - anywhere you like. Includes a polyurethane bladder and a drinking tube.

It is so sad/amazing how often I shove bottles of wine into my giant purse so this makes it convenient.... this occurred just yesterday

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The Envoyage Taschen Weekender bag by Swiss designer Claudia Eicke comes through in the clutch -- it has a special space for a bottle of wine. The secret is the ‘tunnel’ portion of the bag which is made of stiffer fabric to hold the wine in place.

This bra can hold your favorite beverage such as 6.8 bottles of beer or 3.2 bottles of wine.

Papa Bert WineRack Flask-Bra The unique bra features two outstanding functions: first, the bra can hold your favorite beverage. second, WineRack Flask-Bra will give you an admiring upper part of the body (even though you drink up the beverage in the bra).

Most of these are amazing. Others not so much.

Cool stuff

i want the wine bra. Picnic Pants Wine Bra The Orb. T s mobile headset doubles as a ring and can be used 30 feet away from your.

wine-rack-bra, I wouldn't put wine in it though, I don't like wine...

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