Nieuwe patroonbladen! - Viltcreaties Corina

Nieuwe patroonbladen! (Viltcreaties Corina)

gnomes from PaintingPixie, an Etsy store

Trio of Spring Gnomes Reserved for CutlersChico Waldorf inspired Storytelling Faerie Elf Natural Dollhouse Doll

Felt Wee Folk - New Adventures by Salley Mavor #FeltWeeFolk

Felt Wee Folk New Adventures

Salley Mavor’s book Felt Wee Folk inspired tens of thousands to handcraft dolls from simple materials. Now, she invites you to return to the wee world with Felt Wee Folk—New Adventures, starring 120 dolls to spark smiles and creativity.

Are you always upside down from Autumn? Do you want to jump into those large mountains of leaves? Let this mouse be your friend. In autumn its always fun to gather lots of leaves, nuts, acorn, berries, mushrooms and chestnuts. Put them in a big bowl and let the mouse jump in to it. Its only half a mouse and this is the top. There is also an other kit with the bottom of the mouse, let them play together on your table. The mouse comes with fairy felt, hand dyed felt, in autumn colors so you…

this playful mouse would be perfect as a fall decor in our home

Seizoenstafel zomer

summer scene - oh that's lovely! I really have to make a backdrop like that!