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Yucca /Adam's Needle, fantastic choice for modern/ tropical style gardens. They require very little care, tolerate drought & have impressive flowers. The easiest way to propagate is through division of pups they produce at the base of the trunk plant them in Spring.

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Yucca; architectural, drought tolerant and tough desert plant

Yucca aloifolia 'Variegata' - spectacular in bloom, and out. Watch for the sharp spines - this is a plant that demands respect. Give it a full sun situation, lots of gravel in the soil, and stand back.


Yucca Cane - a low-maintenance houseplant with intriguing aesthetic appeal.

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Yucca Growing - How to Care for Yucca Plants Outside

Yucca Plant...A Perennial, evergreen shrub. Native to southwestern U.S., it thrives in soil that drains well can be in full sun. The creamy-white flowers bloom best in full sun, during mid to late summer, with some yucca growing as tall as 10 feet leaves that reach about 2 ½ feet in length. When landscaping with yuccas, it is best to keep them away from sidewalks / high traffic areas as the leaves are extremely sharp can cut someone if they should brush up against the plant. Zones 3-10.


Striking trunks and architectural sharpness of the foliage

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This gabion wall was installed in the back of the garden to help prevent erosion in the dry climate. The cacti and the yucca plants give the wall a pop of color, while the grey stones in the flower beds add an elegant touch to this desert landscape.

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How To Make Rope Out Of The Yucca Plant

How To Make Rope Out Of The Yucca Plant | How To Use This Amazing Shrub For A Myriad of Survival Situations - Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Survival Skills by Survival Life at


Yucca elephantipes - 3 têtes

Yucca filamentosa to 18" tall, with flower stalk to 3' tall spruce green leaves flowers mid-summer great at corners of beds evergreen suitable for xeriscaping