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Een kijkje in onze moestuin met circa 700 rassen vergeten, zeldzame en bijzondere groenten. www,

10 stks/zak zeldzame bonsai 12 rassen azalea zaden diy huis & tuin planten lijkt sakura japanse cherry blooms bloemzaden(China (Mainland))

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Catalburun, Burgos Retriever, Spanish Pointer, Pachon Navarro Dog

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Most Metal Chicken Ever. Ayam Cerami : A rare breed of chicken that is black inside out; organs, feathers, eggs ALL BLACK.

Most Metal Chicken Ever. Ayam Cerami : A rare breed of chicken that is black inside out; organs, feathers, eggs ALL BLACK.

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Randall Lineback Cattle .....rare old breed from New England.

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Teeswater - Rare breed from Northern England. The white wool is curly, silky and has a lustrous creamy quality

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Russian Orloff: stunning rare breed of chicken that is now at risk of becoming extinct. Listested as "critically endangered" by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

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Leicester Longwool Sheep A long, healthy, lustrous coat which falls in ringlets, ease of feeding, valuable meat supply and quick maturation are the sheep's breed traits. Leicester (pronounced "lester") Longwools originated in Britain and were used as a pioneer breed.

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Rare Breeds of Dairy Cattle | Gloucester cow: rare breed. Used for dairy, beef and good at working ...

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Ouessant Sheep - The worlds smalled sheep breed. CUTE! These guys are full grown!

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50 best and the most popular horse breeds of the world

The Marwari or Malani[1] is a rare breed of horse from the Marwar (or Jodhpur) region of India. Known for its inward-turning ear tips. . The Marwari are descended from native Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses, possibly with some Mongolian influence

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Portland: A relatively small heathland breed from the Dorset area. The rams have heavily spiralled horns and the ewes a half circle horn. Lambs are born with a foxy red coat which changes in the first few months to creamy white. They produce an exceptionally high quality meat and can lamb at any time of the year.

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Reeves Rare Breeds, Potton - British Saddleback The British Saddleback is a breed of domestic pig created in the 20th century from the amalgamation of two similarly-coloured breeds, the Essex and Wessex Saddleback.

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Pittsboro, NC - a rare breed of Scottish cattle called Belted Galloways :)

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"Beautiful sheep - this is where wonderful wool comes from, instead of petroleum which is where acrylic yarn comes from" #KnittingGuru. Photo from Teeswaterewes

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Race to save rare breed of pig hinges on eating them.

At least five tiny feathertail glider joeys have been born at Taronga Zoo in a rare breeding success.

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The Shetland is a rare breed of cattle that is currently classified as at risk by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in the Britain. They have an ancient lineage, thought to date back to the cattle the Vikings brought to the Shetlands Islands in the period 700-1100 AD, after this period there will have been other influences to the breed.

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Cute American Hairless Terrier puppy

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Girgentana or Agrigento Goat (Capra girgentana) *Rare Breed, Sicily

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