Zipper tattoo on the left side. Tattoo artist: Zachary Peacock

Zipper tattoo on the left side.

zipper tattoo around Crohns scar

30 Tattoo Designs for Your Scars

Zipper Around Scar tattoo. This looks so gross! Why would you draw attention to the scar? People probably barely even notice it.Unless its outlined in permanent zipper-like ink.

These Incredible 3D Tattoos Defy the Laws of Physics...And Awesomeness!

A zipper going up the lenght of her leg #KarruecheTran #Tattoo #Zipper #Leg

Karruche Tran's zipper tattoo on back of leg- I want this going up the middle of my back (beauty is on the inside)

zipper tattoo - Google Search

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