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Top 10 Exercises To Keep Yourself In Shape During Pregnancy

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At-Home Prenatal Barre Workout

Strengthens triceps, shoulders and core.Dip: Start in a seated position with feet flat on floor, hip-width apart, and place the hands behind the seat with fingertips facing forward. Lift seat to a hover and shift weight into palms feeling the load in the shoulders and triceps. Bend elbows as deep as you can without seat hitting the floor, exhale, press through the palms and extend the arms squeezing through the triceps. Repeat 10 times.Reverse Plank: With arms straight, extend legs long…

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No Flab Pregnancy Workout

No Flab Pregnancy Workout. We don't have to be flabby cuz were pregnant. Great #PREGNANCY #WORKOUT.

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For the mamas to be - How to Exercise when You're Expecting and after!

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Pregnancy Workouts - Legs and Shoulders — Alexa Jean

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Important prenatal exercises no one ever told you about to prepare for labor and keep excess weight off- Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

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Pregnancy and Childbirth Tips: 9 Secrets to Save Your Vagina -

Pregnancy and Childbirth are very taxing on your vagina and your pelvic floor muscles! This can cause things like urinary incontinence, reduced sexual pleasure, and even organ prolapse. There are specific things you can do to help prevent the potential negative effects and help your body (specifically your vagina!) to recover more completely and quickly from pregnancy and childbirth.

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Fitwirr Exercise Ball Workout Poster for Men 18 x 24

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Best Exercises during Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial to you and your baby. Here are some of the best exercises during pregnancy.

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Exercises to do before/during/after pregnancy. Good knowledge to have

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