Victoria Lavender Sunny In Tucson: 16 Pool Noodle Exercises
Need to tone and tighten up, but rough workouts too hard on your body? Try this total body pool workout to get fit and firm with low-impact, yet super-effective calorie-blasting exercises! I would never though about using a pool noodle for this!
The long dog days of summer aren't over yet and it is still blistering hot outside. No one wants to go work out in this heat but getting exercise is still important. So why not exercise in the pool? This…
NOODLE PLANK:   Holding the noodle in front of you, push down until you are in a plank position with your body in a straight line and your toes on the bottom.

Burn Calories in the Pool (No Laps Required!)

I don't like the treadmill, but I use it. All winter I wait for the fun pool noodle exercises. I do them most often when I'm swimming...
Victoria Lavender: 16 Pool Noodle Exercises
Synchronized slimmer  Float on back with noodle under knees, arms extended out to sides. Crunch, bringing hands toward knees inside noodle (as shown). Return to start for one rep. Do 20 reps.    WORKS ABS  Jorg Badura

The Ultimate Pool Workout

Grab a pool noodle for some fun, cool, water workouts. Tones arms and abs.
Float in deep water with noodle wrapped around upper back and under arms, hands on either end. Extend legs toward pool bottom, feet together, toes pointed. Engage abs and raise knees toward chest (as shown). Hold for two seconds, then straighten legs for one rep. Do 20 reps. works abs, hips, legs

9 Pool Exercises To Help You Build Stronger Abs