stone carving

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there are several sculptures on display in the room with white walls and stone flooring
kawakawa collection —
kawakawa collection —
sculptures are displayed in front of a painting on the wall behind them is a sheep and two birds
two birds are standing on top of some rocks with sticks sticking out of it's beaks
ANIMALS - CréYarté!
a white plate sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
three different colored vases sitting on top of wooden block bases in front of a black wall
three vases with flowers in them sitting next to each other on a gray surface
21/73 - Sculpteur Animalier
three birds are standing on top of rocks and rock blocks in the shape of heads
21/73 - Sculpteur Animalier
several different shapes and sizes of concrete blocks
Oloïde maken
several pictures of different sizes and shapes of toilet paper
Möbius maken
several white vases are lined up against a wall with holes in the middle and one is upside down
Previous Works | Ken Gangbar Studios | Sculpture and Installation
Previous Works | Ken Gangbar Studios | Scupture and Installation
an abstract sculpture with two white balls in the center
europeansculpture: Hector Rigel (Roma 1957) - Superficie bianca 37, 2012
a metal object on the wall with white walls in the back ground and one side showing it's triangular shape
Sculpture - Bill Thompson Paintings And Sculpture
Paintings and Sculptures by Boston Artist Bill Thompson
a sculpture in the middle of a park with trees and bushes behind it that reads international beedwos symposium