A Wonderful City

The city is alive, when you listen to the gurgling of water in the underground. When you watch the play of colours in the sky. When you smell the morning dew in…
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an image of a futuristic city with birds flying over it's skylines and buildings
Miracle Nikki CN : 奇迹暖暖 / 16th Suit Story : 6th Anniversary ​Miracle Nikki 2021 ( 06.2021 )
an artistic painting with water and buildings in the sky, surrounded by flowers and clouds
【杭州风韵】16th CICA festival poster
an image of a bridge in the middle of a river
Concept Art by Snow Skadi | Art and Design
a castle in the sky with birds flying over it and clouds around it that look like they are floating on land
Trickster : Photos
a castle in the middle of a forest filled with trees
Cathedral of the cliff, Ein Choi
an artistic painting of a ship in the ocean surrounded by white clouds and blue water
an artistic painting of a castle in the mountains
Heart of the Mountain by Prasa on DeviantArt
an image of a castle in the sky
Sky City [Original] (1660x2952)
Nature, Scenery Wallpaper
Change of Scenery Pt. 2
an artistic painting of a building with lots of pink flowers on the roof and windows
Fantastical Flitherings
a very tall tower with lots of buildings on it's sides in the sky
Town City by KAZUHI
an artist's rendering of a city on the edge of a waterfall with lots of boats in it
Illustrator and concept artist J. P. Targete - ArtStation Magazine