looks like home to me...

Lets get a cabin in the woods and wake up early to see the beautiful morning and drink coffee while listening to the birds! and then get ready to start our adventure!

saw this Pin, A hot cup of tea in the morning.love the steam captured, the teabag ready to steep, to brew, to exude flavours.


"The thing you really need to do before you even decide to make a picture of food is learn how to plate. The best photo in the world cannot make bad-looking food look good. I don’t care what app you.

Tea is more than a drink -- it's a ritual. My aunt has a cup of hot tea with every meal and snack and has done so since childhood.

drop laten scheppen bij de drogist!  ik: "500 gram drop alstublieft".   zij "ok een half pondje"  ik: Eeehhhmm "deze" en "deze" en "deze" alstublieft.   zij na het wegen: "kan nog ietsjes meer"  ik: eeeehhmm, oke, "deze" graag..(al aanwijzend).  zij: "dat is dan xxx gulden"  alstublieft, dank u wel, tot ziens!

Liquorice in a zillion varieties, sweet, salty, double-salty . We Dutch are hooked!

salmiak  die waren lekker je kocht ze voor 5 cent

salmiak die waren lekker je kocht ze voor 5 cent