La Magia #Crochet Butterfly Free Pattern

Due to their multitude of colors, butterfles are a very gratious crocheting motif. We have prepared two tutorials and a pattern of various butterflies. While the first video is not in English, we pres

Stip & HAAK: Teckeltje Sam gratis haakpatroon

free pattern - need to translate Stip & HAAK: Teckeltje Sam gratis haakpatroon

2015-03-01 12.15.19

Due to the way this translates to English, not suitable for beginning crocheters

haakpatroon hamster familie Stip en Haak

Stip en Haak - Hamster Cato - Dutch - PaidJust released today needle size mm, Catania or Phildar cotton. Stip en Haak - Cato the Hamster - Dutch

Vlinder Bree en Rups Calin gehaakt door Natalie van D - haakpatroon van Zabbez

Crochet your own amigurumi flower dolls. Easy crochet patterns, well explained with photos and texts. Flower dolls are fun to crochet.

Gratis Patroon gehaakt speldenkussen | Aagje Doeken NL

Patroon gehaakt speldenkussen

Crochet - Pincushion pattern in Dutch. If you scroll down the comments you will find the English pattern.