Holiday 22 Portfolio Development

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an image of a woman's dress and jacket sewing pattern
an assortment of different colored papers and pencils
Arts Thread Homepage
four different styles of sweaters with the words in their colors and designs on them
Arts Thread Homepage
an image of different sweaters on display in front of a white background with the words garment colours written below them
Arts Thread Homepage
an open book with drawings of different types of clothing and scissors on it's pages
Students — Northumbria Fashion
an image of clothes and accessories for women in different colors, including pinks, yellows, and browns
Arts Thread Homepage
a drawing of a woman's dress and jacket with buttons on the collar, in different colors
( Renaissance X Art Nouveau) : Fashion palettes
the paper doll is wearing a dress and jacket with flowers on it's lap
a paper doll is shown with different outfits and patterns on it's sides, including dresses, skirts, and headbands
Fashion Design portfolio
Fashion Design Portfolio Template- For Ideas & Inspiration