Tekenen en zo: De mooiste voetbal!, knutselen, basisschool, voetbal, wereldkampioenschap

"Kids Artists: The most beautiful soccer ball!" Use for homeschooling project: "Reach Your Goals! decorate a bunch of balls, write personal goal statements on them.


Get into the World Cup spirit with this 'modern art hidden football' colouring activity

mini-tafelvoetbal gemaakt van een doos, kurk en doppen

DIY Fooseball game using recycled corks, bottle caps, wooden skewers and a cardboard box.

Kims Kandy Kreations: 10 Soccer Craft Ideas

Argentina: fun soccer game for younger kids. Link provides cutouts which you can print out and colour to make your own football players and pitch.

No tutorial, just a picture

DIY kids toy: Mini Football Table : out of clothespins, ping pong ball and a shoebox

Tekenen en zo: Klasse elftal

Tekenen en zo: Klasse elftal

Voetbal stadion surprise Sinterklaas.

Voetbal stadion surprise Sinterklaas.