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Tulip White Parrot

It might be classified as a Parrot Tulip, but the Tulip White Parrot often shows more resemblance to a swan than to one of those highly-coloured birds of the forest.

Tulip Victoria's Secret

The satin-like sheen of the Tulip Victoria’s Secret adds an extra dimension to the effect of these dramatic blooms. It’s one of pure indulgence.

Tulip Texas Flame

One of the more exotic of the Parrot Tulips, the classic Tulip Texas Flame provides a flamboyant spectacle come late spring.

Tulip Silver Parrot

Tulip Silver Parrot, with its huge pink petals brushed with silver on the outside will make your dreams of a beautiful landscape a reality when their time comes to shine in late spring.

Tulip Red Parrot

If you’re looking to make a striking statement in your garden during the latter part of spring, you need look no further than the Tulip Red Parrot, one of the most show-stopping of the Parrot Tulips.

Tulip Estella Rijnveld

The Tulip Estella Rijnveld is the picture of springtime exuberance and fun. Her contribution to any garden is both colourful and cheerful.

Tulip Blue Parrot

The Tulip Blue Parrot offers a display of deep mauve and blue wavy-edged large petals flushed with a deep bronze purple inside, that will surely give you every reason to feel happy.

Tulip Black Parrot

The Tulip Black Parrot gives you a strong display of fragrant maroon to purple flowers, flamed and edged with black.

Tulip Apricot Parrot

Tulip Apricot Parrot is slightly fragrant and would be a winning addition to beds or in borders. It makes a good display in a container and is an excellent cut flower.

Tulip Green Wave

A stunning Parrot Tulip, the Tulip Green Wave brings together the deliciously fresh colours of a watermelon in a large showy flower that will indulge you with thoughts of summer as spring draws to a close.

Tulip Shirley

Shirley Tulips are a colour bonanza all on their own. It’s no wonder that this Single Late Tulip is a heritage plant that’s been love by gardeners since the

Tulip Queen of Night

Near-black tulips are absolutely incredible, and Queen of the Night Tulips are among the best of the black tulip varieties.

Tulip Catherine

Purest white flowers are always stately, but you don’t get anything more majestic than Single Late Catherina Tulips. Extend your Tulip season with this late bloomer.

Tulip Blue Aimable

You may think that your early blooming tulips have already stolen the show – until Single Late Blue Aimable begins to unfurl its blooms.

Tulip Carnaval de Rio

You’ll be fascinated from the moment your Carnaval de Rio Tulip bulbs begin to sprout. A narrow white edge adorns every leaf, making the foliage a dramatic addition to your garden.

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mixed Colours

Choosing to plant a mix of these spectacular Darwin tulips will give you a varied and stunning display in your garden every spring and you will never get tired of looking at the carpet of radiant colors presented to you.