More ideas from Fatima
This is my guitar! I spent forever designing and sketching this work of art on my beautiful Yamaha dreadnaught acoustic guitar. The bird and the tree in the wind design is the best one I have done to this day. I have done one other and I am working on silver over a black finish guitar for a friend. Sharpie comes off with expo... Makes the whole process easier in the end because I have a personal eraser! :) anyway- I think this is beautiful and cool! :) line drawings almost always are

Have your guests sign your guitar as they enter. Maybe spray paint he guitar white or your wedding color. Guests can sign in metallic sharpies so any color paint works.

Luna Guitar depicting the famous painting, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

Luna Safari Starry Night Spruce Top Acoustic Guitar, Translucent Blue and more 6 String Acoustic Guitars At Cascio Interstate Music