Faye le Couvreur

Faye le Couvreur

Faye le Couvreur
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bandanna banana

How to wear the summer turban! I’ve been seeing ladies wear turbans and headwraps left and right this season. They seem like the perfect summer accessory that would look equally great wearing…


TOTEME LOVE everything about this! You could wear your Topless Tee womens undershirt invisibly and protect this gorgeous blouse from the inside!

Burton Girls

Laura Polko: Braided Top Knot How To Start with a half pony tied up. Braid the pony. Loosen the braid to make it thicker. Take it from the base and wrap it around just like a top knot. As always, lo (Top Bun)

Love this belt for around my dress

I think I would like copper-coloured jeans but I doubt I could afford a genuine turquoise-studded silver belt. Copper Jeans with a Western Silver and Turquoise Belt