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Fleur de Bruijn

Fleur de Bruijn
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Polar Bear Baby cutest thing on earth.

Family Photo... More

Family portrait — A lucky photographer has managed to photograph these adorable images that of the playful first moments in the lives of young polar bear cubs in Manitoba, Canada (THOMAS KOKTA/CATERS) Source: The Telegraph

Polar bear * Ijsbeer | Dieren | Zoom.nl

i love polar bears!

Inuit hunter, Kavavow Kiguktak, jumps from one ice floe to another. Ellesmere Is., Nunavut, Canada.

Inuit hunter, Kavavow Kiguktak, jumps from one ice floe to another. Photo by B & C Alexander / ArcticPhoto

Yes Please...

Igloo under the northern lights - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada wow. So amazing

Schweden ist das Land der Wälder und der Innovationen. Kährs produziert seit mehr als 150 Jahren in Nybro, einer Stadt in Südschweden. | Mehr dazu auf www.kahrs.com

Let's get lost and look up at the stars (One of my fave photographs sa ) wonderous-world: Gudvangen, Norway by Espen Haagensen :(

The Polar Express- the most magical Christmas film ever in my opinion, childhood memories

Production still for "The Polar Express" 2004 Christmas Release Starring Tom Hanks.

Polar Express Bell Make a Wish Bracelet by HooMeDesigns on Etsy, $4.00

Polar Express Bell Bracelet by HooMeDesigns on Etsy.

Some say these lights are reflections of the world of the dead.

Northern Lights over a graveyard in Kabelvåg, Nordland Fylke, Norway / beautiful night sky

Norske organiseert al sinds 1953 reizen naar Noorwegen. Maar ieder jaar en iedere keer weer, blijft het unieke lichtspel van het Noorderlicht ons fascineren! Onze winterreis 'Op jacht naar het Noorderlicht' is onze favoriet. Benieuwd? http://www.norske.nl/hurtigruten/noorderlicht-aanbieding/index.shtml

Red house and Green Northern Lights "Sublime" by Christian Bothner