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an image of a modern house with plants in the front yard and outside patio area
Elegant Entrance!
Simple and elegant entrance ideas. Add a feature, a pot, pebbles, flagstones, an aloe and a grassy plant. Simple, modern and interesting! Contact us @: Featureinscapes@gmail.com +27 79 055 4680
an artist's rendering of a house with flowers in the front yard and landscaping around it
Welcome home!
The entrance is always the first place and last place a person will see when visiting your home. The entrance with features, pots, water features, built structures or perhaps simple plant beds makes the house stand out. We all want our guest to be WOWED when visiting! 🤩 Contact us for a design, even if it is just for the entrance area 🤩 Featureinscapes@gmail.com +27 79 055 4680