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a white bowl filled with meat, rice and veggies next to cucumbers
Mediterranean Beef & Lamb Gyro Bowl
This Mediterranean beef and lamb gyro bowl is so satisfying, healthy, and perfect for busy days or for meal prep! I like to make it with homemade yellow rice, hummus, cucumbers, parsley, tomatoes, and salad with fresh lemon juice! Follow me for more easy meal ideas!
one pot lasagna soup in a white bowl with a spoon and garnish
One Pot Lasagna Soup
This one pot lasagna soup is a meal that is so easy to make. It's hearty with ground beef and pasta in a flavorful, creamy tomato broth.
a person holding up a piece of food in their hand with the caption spam musubi casserole
Spam Musubi Casserole
This spam musubi casserole is perfect for sharing with friends, for family dinner, or meal prep. It's a quick and easy way to make spam musubi without having to individually wrap them.
the hawaiian roll sliders have been cut in half and are ready to be eaten
Hawaiian Roll Burger Sliders
These Hawaiian roll burger sliders are super cheesy and perfect for sharing! They're made with ground beef and melty cheese sandwiched between fluffy and sweet Hawaiian rolls.
a white plate topped with meat covered in sauce and garnished with green leaves
5-Minute Cold Silken Tofu
This 5-minute cold silken tofu recipe is so refreshing, bursting with flavor, and the perfect dish to cool off with this summer. It's so easy to make and doesn't even require you to turn on the stove!
a white plate topped with dumplings covered in sauce and garnished with green onions
10-Minute Spicy Wontons
This quick and easy recipe for spicy wontons only takes 10 minutes to make! Toss your favorite frozen wontons in this delicious, flavorful, and spicy sauce to take it to the next level!
loaded steak nachos in a cast iron skillet with the words loaded steak nachos
Loaded Steak Nachos
Skip the boring basic nachos and try these loaded steak nachos! With layers of grilled beef, flavorful toppings, and creamy nacho cheese sauce, these are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!
a hand holding a sushi roll with avocado, cucumber and salmon
Temaki (Sushi Hand Rolls)
If you like sushi, then you should try making your own temaki hand rolls at home. It’s a great DIY food that you can customize to your liking with fresh seafood, veggies, and sushi rice all wrapped in crisp roasted nori.
waffle fry nachos with guacamole and sour cream drizzled on top
Waffle Fry Nachos with Beef Brisket
These waffle fry nachos with beef brisket are a fun twist on nachos! Instead of tortilla chips, waffle fries are loaded with barbecue and Tex-Mex inspired toppings to create an irresistible explosion of flavor!
korean beef bibimbap with mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers and sesame seeds
Beef Bibimbap
Beef bibimbap is a Korean rice bowl with marinated ribeye, a variety of colorful veggies, kimchi, and a fried egg. It's served with a spicy gochujang sauce and mixed all together so each bite is the perfect bite!
salmon poke bowl with cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds on the side
Salmon Poke Bowl Recipe
This salmon poke bowl recipe is made with cubes of fresh raw salmon tossed in a savory ponzu soy sauce and served over rice with delicious toppings. It takes less than 15 minutes to make this healthy and delicious Hawaiian-inspired rice bowl!
a casserole dish in a plastic container with sliced cucumbers on the side
Spicy Crab Salad Sushi Bake
This sushi bake is made with a spicy crab salad. It's a sushi roll meets casserole and an unbelievably easy meal that everyone will love!
a black bowl filled with rice and shrimp
Chicken, Sausage, and Shrimp Jambalaya
This delicious jambalaya recipe is pure comfort food filled with Cajun spices, seasoned rice, chicken, andouille sausage, and shrimp!
fried rice and vegetables in a black bowl with chopsticks
Fried Rice
This delicious easy fried rice is the perfect recipe for repurposing leftovers or cleaning out the fridge! It's made with leftover rice, chicken, vegetables, and other simple ingredients.
a person holding up a piece of pizza on top of a wooden cutting board with the words mexican pizza written above it
Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Recipe
Make this copycat Taco Bell Mexican pizza recipe next time you're craving this fast food favorite. Homemade Mexican pizza is easy to make, healthier, and tastes even better!