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a boat floating on top of a lake surrounded by trees
P I N T R E S T: @luv_M Turkey
an ocean view with rocks and water in the foreground on a foggy day
travel #summer
the front end of a sailboat in the water
Wrap It Up Pretty + Winners!
like this perspective/detail Photography by KT Merry / ktmerry.com
two people sitting on the edge of an ice covered cliff by the water's edge
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a man standing on top of a cliff next to the ocean
the sailboat is sailing in the open water
two children sitting on a rock in the mountains
From that day we hiked up to a small mountain lake, where we all hung out together and had a bit of a picnik. Afterwards, the boys played with their felt gnomes and the boats Francesco had carved for them the day before, while our little one made friends with some of the ducks and attempted to eat all the pebbles {and most of the grass as well}... And so there we sat and had a lovely chat about all the small and the big plans we have for the next few months, until some black, angry clouds cam...
some pink flowers by the water and rocks on a cloudy day with an ocean in the background
Look at this beautiful world
an old yellow car parked on the side of a street next to a stone building
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What do you feel about some days at Tuscany?
a small stream running through a grassy field
// The stream parted the land between us, our feet planted firmly on separate ground. I already missed her and she was yet to be gone. I remember thinking that was sadder than anything. //
people are sitting at tables in an old town square
monterosso al mare, italy