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1936 Stout Scarab...I think I need this!

The Stout Scarab is a unique U.S automobile designed by William Bushnell Stout and produced in small numbers by Stout Engineering Laboratories and later by Stout Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan.

daf prototype 1941

1941 Daf one person city car nicknamed 'driving raincoat' DAF is an automobile factory set up in my hometown of Eindhoven, famous for Philips. This was their first car, nowadays they're famous for their lorries

Daf "Raincoat"

1941 DAF, one person city car - nicknamed 'The Raincoat '('Regenjas'). from what I understand; DAF - a British & a Dutch company both operating under the same name of DAF at the same time - I'm not sure which this vehicle is attributed to.


Cow Car This final contender on the list is a wild creation that is as innovative as it is strange. This car has no engine and is pulled by a cow! With rear wheels to put less pressure on the animal in the front this car is definitely a wild creation.