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an aerial view of a lake and mountains
design by Superstudio
an image of two circles with arrows pointing in different directions and the words vorcex on them
a drawing of an object that is in the shape of a cube with a wire attached to it
social structures and chaos theory
a black and white photo of snow on the ground
an ink drawing of a tree in black and white, with the branches bent back
a black and white drawing on paper in a frame
Julie Mehretu
an abstract drawing with black and white ink
Drawings and Notes
an abstract drawing with black ink on white paper
an abstract drawing with black ink on white paper
July 2022 – Ch'ng Kiah Kiean
black and white photograph of an abstract flower arrangement on a sheet of paper with ink splots
(#17) JULIE MEHRETU | Rise of the New Suprematists
mehretu, julie rise of the new ||| abstract ||| sotheby's n10149lotbf2s6en