Lily Apricot Fudge time lapse!

This time lapse is with an amazing Lily variety called Apricot Fudge. This Lily has small, Orange, flowers and doesn't flower like standard Lilies, like you .

Tulip Blue WoW time lapse!

A brand new Tulip named Blue WoW! Only available Check out this time lapse how amazing they are.

Byfod Time Lapse Daffodils

We made a short time lapse with Daffodils from a new grower. They have over 100 varieties! At first they look pretty normal, but when they open up they are a.

Byfod's Time Lapse Week 16

This time we have a brand new Lilium variety! We had them in our brand new studio for week and all the flowers opened!

Flower Time Lapse Peony Diana Parks

Peonies are one of the top picked Wedding Flowers in the world! This variety is called Diana Parks. We had the camera set up for.

Pearl Peony mix time lapse!

A time lapse with different Peony varieties!

Peony Pink Hawaii time lapse.

This new time lapse let's you show what happened when we put these Peonies in our cooler for a Month (!

Byfod Time Lapse with Lily the Venetian

The Venetian is an Oriental Lily. As you can see, the flower buds start green and slowly turn red before they open with amazing red flowers.

Byfod Time Lapse Amaryllis

A new exciting time lapse, made in our office in Aalsmeer. We wanted to know if all flowers actually would open and how long the vase time is.

Freesia Time Lapse

A new Time Lapse! We received 2 brand new varieties Freesia's. Wedding White and Wonderful White.

Byfod's time lapse Delphinium

We made a new time lapse of a test with Delphinium Magic Fountain.