White Vinca. Easy to grow and loves the heat and sun. "Vincas are the indestructible beauties of the garden. While resembling impatiens, they thrive in full sun and intense heat. Hardy, large, bushy plants provide a dense layer of sparkling color and evergreen foliage to beds, borders and containers. Plants require almost zero care."  Annual, Full Sun. (other vincas: http://www.burpee.com/product/categoryMedium.jsp?catId=2121=0=60==default&_requestid=953760)

Vinca easy to grow and loves the heat and sun, requires almost zero care. Plant Mar - Sep in zone

Trailing Vinca: Peach. Annual, full sun, part shade. Indoor sow. Good for ground cover in beds.

High Quality Trailing Vinca Peach at Great Prices, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Vinca (Catharanthus roseus) 'Pacifica Polka Dot' - These are a strong breed! Don't plant with petunias - because they will take over the planter!

Photo of Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus 'Pacifica Polka Dot') uploaded by

cascade vinca seeds | Vinca Seeds: Cora Cascade Strawberry F1 Vinca Seeds - Trailing Vincas ...

Vinca Cora Cascade Strawberry F1

Looking for a trailing vinca variety that produces bicolor pink blooms with a rosey center? Cora Cascade Strawberry Vinca seeds are a great choice.

cascade vinca seeds | Cora Cascade Magenta Vinca Flower Seeds

Our ‘Cora Cascade® Magenta' Vinca exhibits all of the so-well-liked attributes of the Cora and Cora Cascade Series, though with blossoms of pure magenta with a

Harris Seeds | Vinca Cora Cascade Magenta has large flowers and thick glossy foliage.

Vinca Cora Cascade Magenta

This hybrid series of trailing vinca brings more to the grower's bench than the standard open pollinated types. Hybrid vigor translates to large flowers and thi


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