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“Don’t b*tch”: Watch your feisty elders dispense life advice in this amazing Dodge Super Bo.

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Older men cry more than they did when they were younger. Is it physical or mental? Learn about the factors that make older men cry.


German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen shot portraits of elderly men and women who have reached the ripe old age of also known as a “centenarian“

10 Secrets To A Happy & Healthy 100 Years Of Life: Lessons from Okinawa, Japan

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From 2006 to photographer Karsten Thormaehlen took portraits of over 40 centenarians. The series celebrates life by portraying the aged as beautiful, dignified, vivacious, and — even those wh…

OLDER PEOPLE SLEEP LESS - a specific cluster of neurons associated with regulating sleep patterns, called the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus, may slowly die off as you get older.