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a man standing on top of a body of water with his arms out and the words six powerful acting exercises for teenagers
Six Powerful Acting Exercises for Teenagers | Theatre Trip
the front cover of a book with an arrow pointing to it
10 Rehearsal Must-Haves for Actors
10 Rehearsal Must-Haves for Actors. Get ready for rehearsal with this downloadable checklist. Click through to read more.
a man and woman standing next to each other with the words, how to get acting work
36 Ways to Get Acting Work | How To Get Acting Work | My Actor Guide
For most actors getting an acting job means paid acting work in feature films, TV shows or commercials. But if you’re just starting out, getting an acting job may mean booking a role in a student film, short film or even a music video. No matter where you are in your career, it’s going to be important to get more acting work. If you’re a newbie, this list will be invaluable! And if you’re a seasoned actor this is probably an excellent refresher. #getactingwork #actingjob #acting
a woman sitting at a table with a notebook in her hand and the title, 12 ways to use law of attraction to manfest your acting career
12 Ways to Use The Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dream Acting Career | My Actor Guide
Manifest the acting career of your dreams using Law of Attraction. Become an actor at any age! Start a career in acting now! #acting #actorslife #lawofattraction #actors
actor demo reel the ultimate guide Audition, Sundance Film, Studio Photography, Need To Know
The Ultimate Guide to Create An Actor Demo Reel
4 steps to creating a compelling demo reel that casting directors simply cannot ignore and that will help you to book more auditions! #actors #casting #acting
an info poster with the words how to be a better actor in different colors and sizes
How to Be a Better Actor
a woman with headphones on talking into a microphone and the words, where to find voice acting props to practice your skills
Where to Find Voice Acting Prompts To Practice Your Skills
Voice acting requires dedication, versatility, and the perfect blend of practice scripts. These scripts serve as your training ground for honing your voice acting skills across various genres, including video games, commercial voiceovers, explainer videos, and more. In this guide, we’ll explore where to find practice scripts and delve into the art of crafting your professional voice reel, an essential step toward becoming a successful voice artist.
a man pointing at the camera with text reading acting tips for beginners
Struggling With Acting? - WATCH THIS! | Acting Tips for Beginners
the 9 - list casting directors offer their best advice
9 A-List Casting Directors Offer Their Best Audition Advice
a young boy with blond hair wearing a robe and looking out from behind the curtain
Why did Jake Lloyd who starred as Anakin Skywalker quit acting?
Ever wondered why Jake Lloyd quit acting? Why do we not see him in films anymore? Click on the link to find out!
a woman sitting in front of a tv with the words how to break into acting step by
How To Start A Career in Acting | My Actor Guide
a man holding a movie clap in front of his face with the title outstanding drama college for rising stars in theatre and film
Outstanding Drama Colleges for Rising Stars in Theatre & Film
It’s time to face it- looking for the right college to attend for your studies is downright terrifying. Luckily, some universities stand out as far as their acting programs go. This list shows you some of the best acting schools to attend. While some offer a film program, others focus on theatre and share the same love of performance. Let’s look at some of the best drama colleges to major in acting.
an info poster with the words how to be a better actor in different colors and sizes