Fire wife life ❤️

Firefighter wives are a rare breed, they have to be able to manage the house and love someone that loves the firefighter life (with all its ups and downs). It…
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a pink poster with the words 100 things to do with no money in white lettering
100 Fun Things To Do with No Money
Bored, but have no money to spend? Check out our huge list of things you can do with absolutely no money! broke | fun | no money| fun things to do | broke fun | fun things to do with no money
a firefighter holding a rose with the caption should you call yourself a fire wife?
Appropriate times to use Fire Wife (and why it's falling out of favor)
It’s not talked about a lot in public, because Firefighters are seen as community heros, but the truth is that there is a lot of support behind the scenes. Namely the " Fire Wife " or as some like to call her... | Firefighter Wife | Firefighter Fiance | Fire Fighter Spouse
a red sign that says when duty calls him wherever flames may rage give me strength to let him go and bring him back home safe
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i love my firefighter sign on the wall in front of a door with an image of a man and woman holding hands
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a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words helpful tips to survive and thriving long shifts as a firefighter family
Hack your Home Life when your Firefighter is on Shift
How do Firefighter Families manage Long shifts at the fire station? What about regular shifts like 24/48's? We talk about how what it's actually like, what to expect on shifts and how to make it better by working over some hacks and changing expectations for whoever is still at home.
the silhouette of a man wearing a hat in front of a full moon
a firefighter's wife framed tile in a wooden frame with the words, if you think being a firefighter is tough try being a firefighter's wife
Firefighters Wife Framed Tile | CafePress
two hands holding up a sign that says, we don't get hung up on celebrating holidays
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my daddy is a firefighter
My Dad Is a Firefighter Women's Maternity T-Shirt My Dad Is a Firefighter Maternity T-Shirt | CafePress
a sign that says and on the 8th day
God Made a Firefighter Sign Firefighter Gift Firefighter Decor Gifts for Him - Etsy