Single cert, double cert- whatever they call it in your area, you are saving lines with advanced medical care! Shout out to the Paramedics no matter where you work! #paramedic #ems #medical
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a woman in safety gear drinking from a cup with the words legit hacks to survive
Practically Genius Tips for Paramedic School
Learn about what to expect in Medic School, tips for surviving Paramedicine, and why you'll want to stock up on this little known brand for the ultimate medic school hack. ParaMedic | EMS | EMS Career | Should I be a Paramedic? | First Responder Income
a woman sitting in the back seat of a car with her hand on a paper
Want to Become an EMT? Here's What You Need to Do
two people with bandages around their ankles, one is on the ground and the other has his leg wrapped up
6 Things Your Paramedic Wished You Knew | Modern Self-Reliance
the firefighter's worth listening too with text overlaying an image of equipment
Firefighter and EMS Podcasts
Get smarter and faster with this collection of podcasts just for EMS and Firefighters. Designed by first responders, this audio collection is sure to entertain and educate firemen, medics and the first responders on scene keeping our cities safe. #firefighters #paramedics
a fireman's helmet and uniform sitting on top of a pile of fire hoses
First Responders: What's the worst call you've ever had?
What’s the worst call you’ve ever had?
a firefighter is standing in front of a poster
Uniform Stories on Twitter
a little boy wearing a fireman's uniform with the words 5 ways to be a better father and firefighter
5 ways to be a Better Father and Firefighter
Learn how to be a better father and firefighter in 5 easy steps #thinredline
a person laying on top of a blanket with the words 20 date ideas to up your dating
Hot Date Ideas for Firefighters
20 fun date ideas you need to see! Have fun with your spouse and spice up your relationship.
a firetruck with the words, the ups and downs of being married to a firefighter
The Pros and Cons of being Married to a Firefighter
It's not all fun being married to a firefighter- in fact there are a few things unique to Firefighter life that can make things difficult. Do you know all the pros and cons to be married to a Firefighter?
a fireman holding a baby in his arms with the words 5 meaningful ways to be a father and a firefighter
5 ways to be a Better Father and Firefighter
You can be both! You dont have to pick one or the other. Firefighters can be good fathers, and fathers can be good firefighters!