Stretch the Ladder Truck Materials

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Stretch the Ladder truck teaches important fire safety and prevention topics to children through repetition and songs. A variety of activity books on different topics, means that you can return to classes who fall in love with Stretch and want to see more of him.
Stretch's "Fire Safety Rules" 12" Wooden Ruler

Hand out these wooden rulers at your next fire safety program and help children remember important fire safety information. The ruler features Stretch the Ladder Truck as well as 10 fire safety rules that can keep kids safe.

Stretch's Removable Tattoo Sheet

Make your fire safety message stick with these removable tattoos. Beautifully designed and featuring important fire safety rules, these tattoos are great by themselves or when used with other Stretch the Ladder Truck materials.

Stretch's "Fire Safety Rules" Pencil

Stretch's "Fire Safety Rules" Pencil

"Stretch's Fire Safety Rules" Poster

This poster is a great way to remind children about crucial fire safety rules. It includes the messages, "Get Low and Go," "Stop, Drop and Roll," and "Matches and Lighters are for Grown-Ups.

"Stretch's Prevent Home Fires" Membership Card

Use this card in conjunction with any of our Stretch the Ladder Truck products to make a lasting impression. This pledge card is a great way to engage children in fire safety education and help them be proactive in fire prevention.

Stretch's Color-me "Stay Fire Smart - Don't Get Burned!" Bookmark

This color-me bookmark makes learning fun and interactive. It features Stretch the Ladder Truck and the message, "Stay Fire Smart - Don't Get Burned!

"Stretch's Fire Safety Rules" Sticker

Stretch the Ladder Truck

"Stretch's-Get Low and Go!" Activity Sheet

As children work their way through Stretch's activity sheet, they will learn about how to safely escape a burning building. The sheet covers crawling low under smoke and having two ways out.

"Stretch's-Matches and Lighters are for Grown-ups!" Activity Sheet

Teach children about the importance of staying away from matches and lighters with this four-page activity sheet. It includes puzzles and mazes that are not only educational, but entertaining as well.

"Stretch's-Stop, Drop, and Roll!" Activity Sheet

Help children to remember the important fire safety rule, Stop, Drop, and Roll, when you provide them with this activity sheet.

"Stretch's-Prevent Home Fires" Activity Book

This activity book covers everything children need to know about preventing home fires. It addresses home fire hazards and prevention strategies through fun and educational activities.

"Stretch's-Firefighters Are Our Friends!" Activity Book

In this activity book, Stretch the Ladder Truck teaches kids that firefighters are friends who are there to save lives and homes from fire.