Glutes and Legs

Whether you want to tone you glutes and legs or gain muscle, this board has at home and gym glutes and legs exercises that will help you achieve what you want.
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Glutes Exercise
Sumo squats are one of the best exercises to build your glutes.
Glutes & Legs
We all have different goals mine right now is just to maintain my muscle. Whats your goal? Check out my page link in bio or just click the visit button on this pin
Weighted Lower Body
Focus on health and the aesthetics Will automatically come
You Have to Try This Glute Routine
Less than 10 minutes you wont regret it
Does lifting weights Make you look “bulky”?
Do This To Look Toned
Many women want to look toned but are afraid of weights because they think they will look bulky and in reality its a misconception. You wont look bulky, it takes so much work to look like that.
Back Pain Exercises
Increase Flexibility
Strong Glutes & Thighs
Hey guys did this workout a while back and its cool to see the different stages i go through of lifting heavy then not so heavy 😆