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several coolers are lined up on the counter in front of two bar stools
a gift basket filled with candy and snacks
100 Super Cute DIY Christmas Gift Baskets That Anyone Would Love
Family Game Night Gift Basket #Christmas #diy #basket #gift #decorhomeideas
a crock pot filled with wine, cheese and other items on a kitchen counter
DIY Bridal Shower Gift
a basket filled with lots of food on top of a table
An Ice Cream Party In A Basket!
a basket filled with condiments on top of a table
DIY - Ice Cream Lover Gift Basket. (this was made for a charity). Includes: box of ice cream cones, set of 4 plastic bowls and spoons, ice cream scoop, magic shell, maraschino cherries, sprinkle caddy, 4 Smuckers toppings, and a $10 gift card to get their favorite kind of ice cream! Choose your own flavors and quantities!
an open box filled with lots of different items
ice cream sundae in a box! perfect for a summertime surprise!