Monster Spray!  If your child is afraid of the dark and thinks monsters are in their closet, make up a special batch of monster spray they can keep by their bed.  Fill old bottle with water and decorate (let your kid do it to make it a fun activity for them)

Monster Spray

Happy-Go-Lucky: Monster Spray to keep the bedtime monsters away

Leuk voor een feestje! Strooi bloem in de uitgeknipte vorm en zie het resultaat…

Fourth of July Crafts for Kids: Flour Lawn Stars. Cut out star stencil, sprinkle grass with water (to make the flour stick) and then sprinkle with flour. This idea also works for Canada's July Birthday. Just substitute the star for a Maple Leaf.

Very cute idea. Maybe have kids do it on their birthday.

Every anniversary, take a picture with last year's photo. Imagine what it will look like in 50 years! Take one year anniversary picture holding a wedding picture.