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an abstract painting with many colors and shapes
Photos of Marsden Hartley - Abstraction (Military Symbols) 1914-15
an abstract painting with red, white and blue colors
Marsden Hartly - Painting No 46, 1915 at Albright-Knox Art…
a painting with an animal laying on top of it
Painting No. 4 (A Black Horse), 1915 by Marsden Hartley - Paper and Canvas Print - Philadelphia Museum of Art - Custom Prints Store
an oil painting of a table setting with food and drink on it, including crackers
Marsden Hartley - The Bright Breakfast of Minnie, 1915 at Denver Art Museum - Denver Colorado
an image of a painting with a hat on the table next to it and a cloth
Journal of a Nobody
a painting of logs in the woods with trees behind them and one log laying on top of it
Abundance Painting | Marsden Hartley Oil Paintings
a painting of logs in the snow with trees in the backgroung behind them
Logjam Painting | Marsden Hartley Oil Paintings
a painting of rocks and trees in the foreground with a blue sky behind them
(#7) MARSDEN HARTLEY | Iron in the Rock
a painting of a vase and other items
Indian Pottery - Marsden Hartley
an oil painting of trees and mountains in the fall with blue sky behind them,
Philadelphia Museum of Art
a painting of fish on a plate with lemons
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Marsden Hartley