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Apple pie with roses - I don't even eat apples, or pie, but this is beautiful! Would be tempted to put the 'roses' on afterwards though, much prettier

Grilled peaches wrapped in prosciutto

Grilled peaches wrapped in proschiutto. Now I need a fellow foodie to have a drink with and test these :) Put some olive oil on a grill pan. Quarter a peach and grill for 5 minutes on each side. That wrap in proschiutto. It's so easy - its dumb!

Italiaanse kip uit de oven

Italiaanse kip uit de oven, getting hungry. My favorite: Parma, tomato and cheese yammy.

Ik heb onze hapjes hier allemaal verzameld: Aperitiefhapjes. Lekker & gemakkelijk!  Misschien ook interessant Fijne Feestdagen! Mini-Maal in Antwerpen Twitter

Hapje in een glaasje: mozzarella (o goat cheese, works fine), raw or smoked ham, tomato, basil.

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