There are plenty of holiday books that incorporate snow. From The Snowman to The Christmas Miracle, snow is a fun part of the holiday season, even if you live someplace warm. Along with reading one of your favorite holiday books,  why not make your own play snow? Only two ingredients, and your kids will be in for hours of fun.

Top 10 Educational Holiday Kids Crafts

Huckleberry Love: Huckleberry Life: Play Snow {Sensory Activity}My kids have been outside playing with this for hours! Love this! *It's 3 cups baking soda (I checked the original site) + cup white conditioner

Sněhuláčci - skládanka

Winterzeit - Marta Szabo - Bouncy Winter Snowmen - no instructions but looks like made from polystyrene balls, pipe cleaners and card. Not sure what the red nose is made from

Een bus scheerschuim en twee kopjes bloem en je krijgt deze sensatie!

'Fluffy Stuff boxes cornstarch and 1 can shaving cream, color if desired) -- moldable'.FYI make sure no children are allergic to shaving cream first.

Spelletje: Wie heeft de sneeuwman als eerste compleet?

Build a Snowman Game


Just get rid of christmas aspect and could be used as a choice if they are done with their work during winter time.