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This is true. But by that logic, it's just the water cycle in reverse for Team MAGMA'S plan. Sooooooo neither should work. Or, your logic, like me, can just be "Pokèmon can summon matter from almost nothing!

Cat GIF -

danforth: I’m so glad the Internet came Cats. When this GIF is just the one cat you’re like, I get it, some cats have brain damage. Then cat number two HAS to go along for the ride and then we’re at full-tilt,

This cracked me up!

Funny pictures about Cats vs. dogs: the final battle. Oh, and cool pics about Cats vs. dogs: the final battle. Also, Cats vs. dogs: the final battle.

The smaller cat's face...OMG priceless!!!!!!!

lol the kittens face. Let's see, The cat harasses the kitten and the dog feels sorry for the kitten and teaches the cat a lesson, which the kitten obviously enjoys.